“Roots&Original” を配信開始!第1弾は “GREEN DAY : Minority”

EASTBAYがカヴァー・トリビュート・最新曲・未発表曲など、スタジオで演奏したテイクを収録した “Roots&Original” を配信開始!





そのRoots&Originalの第一弾となるのは “GREEN DAY : Minority”
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2020年3月25(水)から予定していたGREEN DAYの来日公演。
今回オープニングアクトで出演予定だったEASTBAYですが、新型コロナウィルスの影響により残念ながら3月の来日公演は延期となり、その公演でEASTBAYがカヴァーしようと密かに思っていたGREEN DAYのMinorityを今回Roots&Originalとして映像で配信。










EASTBAY releases “Roots&Original” which features cover tribute songs, New songs that we took live in studio.


These songs on this album are not like songs on usual album that making guitar sound so carefully, they are so simple sound, real, mistakes, members faces you usually can’t see.
It’s simple recordings but this is the album that you can see real EASTBAY.


First release for Roots&Original is “GREEN DAY : Minority”


We were supposed to support GREEN DAY JAPAN TOUR starting March 25th, but due to COVID-19.
Shows were postponed. We were going to cover this song live for Green Day shows.


We all feel sorry for fans and they had to cancel whole tour.
We hope this cover makes everyone feel great.


We feel really sorry for the COVID-19 victims, people suffering because of this virus.
We hope everything will be back to normal as soon as possible, We are all in this together.