EASTBAYの #StayHome 企画と言う事で、みんなでEASTBAYの最新曲MVに参加しよう!


EASTBAYが6月にリリース予定のミニアルバムの中に入ってる1曲「The man in black」をSound Cloudにて配信。
とにかく「The man in black」を聴いて、ご自身で撮影していただいた動画をEASTBAYまで送ってください!
参加してくれたみなさんの動画を集めてMusic Videoを作成します!



以上の内容にご理解、ご了承、ご承諾いただける方は、ぜひEASTBAYのMusic Videoに動画のご提供、ご参加をお願いします!




・動画を投稿する場所は →


EASTBAY Sound Cloud
EASTBAY Lyrics → The man in black




A request to only go outside for essential things!
EASTBAY’s Project #StayHome Let’s join EASTBAY latest MV!!


We’ll upload “The man in black” on Sound Cloud !
That is one of the song of mini-album that EASTBAY is goin to release on June.
You can listen and sing s song, dancing, playing that song and only show your Serious face! Anything OK!!
And also you don’t need show your face if you don’t wan’t to show your face.
In the case please hide you face on your self,
for instance use the sunglasses and mask or take a video on the Angle that can’t see your face and so on.
Please think out yourself.
Anyway Lets hear”The man in black”, then please send the movie that you take to EASTBAY.
We create the Music Video by using your video to be gathered.


※Movie is goin to be uploaded on internet.
※We are goin to edit and produce to movie that you will send.
※This is for no pay to take a movie, and provide. provide to EASTBAY on free.
※People who can provide the movie on themself’s will.
※If you are a minor, be sure to obtain the parents’ consent.
※The content to violate the law is prohibited. We don’t accept the content to violate the law.
※We kindly ask for your understanding to be not used all video.
※EASTBAY manage your video with responsibility.

If you understand above mentioned contents, Please send your video to create EASTBAY’s Music Video.


NOW, we have to avoid nonessential outing by the influence of the coronavirus.
We EASTBAY canceled all shows around this month.
so we thought “what can we do at this time”
All EASTBAY members are staying home and thinking to anything that we and you can do!
like funny things, way to de-stress for you and us and so on.
Among them, we are so glad if you join this project so that EASTBAY can connect you!
We EASTBAY can do is so small things, But we think, we give you something at this time.
please check and access it!


Application period
・April, 11(sat) 2020 at 12:00 PM to April, 19(sun) 22:00 PM
・Please take the movie by not Vertical shooting but side shooting.
・The URL to upload the movie→


Please check the sound source, song lyrics as follows URL
EASTBAY Sound Cloud
EASTBAY Lyrics → The man in black