[Ronove’s Drop] Idiot World – My Way – TsukiNoUraMade

[DEMO-1] Don’t try too hard – Let it rude – From now

[Frenemies] Roll over

[Compilation] LOVE KILLS…

[Sprit] RADIO

[Frenemy] Incomplete

[TIG × HarborStudio feat.EASTBAY] Are you satisfied?

[2020.10.04. Live in Kurume] Fish man

[Purson’s Stomp] Keep on rolling

[Purson’s Stomp] The man in black (#StayHome ver)

[Charity] ROCK AID -Rock Saves Rock-

[Cover] KISS : Rock And Roll All Nite

[Cover] Eddie & The Hot Rods : Do Anything You Wanna Do

[Cover] RANCID : Olympia WA


[Cover] CCR : Have You ever seen the rain?

[Cover] GREEN DAY : Minority


My Way

Idiot World

From now

Let it rude

Don’t try too hard